The current landscape of the Internet is vast and vague. With dozens of tools offering varying degrees of features it can be overwhelming to find what fits you best. Ocilot will tailor a custom solution to fit your unique needs. From mobile to desktop and everything between, our solution will ensure your site accommodates users from all walks of life.
  • User Interface/User Experience
  • Responsive Design
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Flat Design & Minimalism for High Optimization
  • Frictionless Experience
  • SEO 


From in-house apps to complex web sites serving customers around the globe, your initiative can evolve from idea to production with the latest technology available. We specialize in building efficient and secure applications that can scale to meet your business needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Web Base Applications (ASP NET Core)
  • Windows Native Applications
  • Web APIs (REST/SOAP)
  • Legacy Application Integration
  • Schedules Jobs/Batch Processing
  • Full-Stack Development


Whether you’re trying to cut the cost of on-premises upkeep and maintenance or looking to scale your services to meet seasonal needs, let our cloud experience save you time and money. Moving to the cloud can be a daunting undertaking; cloud providers make it easy to spin up services quickly, a great feature but also a potentially costly one. Let us work with you to create a strategy to move your stack to the cloud that will be risk-adverse and economical. 
  • Application Services & Web Jobs
  • Function Apps
  • SQL Databases & Azure Blob
  • Virtual Machines
  • CI/CD
  • DevOps


Data drives everything in today’s world. From back office applications to large-scale analytics that drive your business decisions, it’s imperative to ensure your data is accurate and timely. Our experience can assist your data needs no matter the scale. 
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Schema Design
  • SQL Optimization
  • Snowflake
  • SQL Server & MySQL
  • Code-First/Database-First ORM


There are hundreds of options when it comes to marketing your business online and we understand that it can seem quite intimidating! We’ve been doing this a long time and know all of the options available to each and every business model. We want to help you make wise investments, reach your target audience and put your time and energy into the processes that will generate the most profit for your business. Going it alone can drain your cash flow quickly, take the guess work out of your digital marketing and let us help!
  • Social Media management & paid ads
  • Local search optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing (blogs, press releases, etc)
  • Backlink audits & backlink generation
  • B2B marketing, B2C marketing


Generating leads is the first step to capturing a sale and when done well, you can give your prospects an experience that will establish loyalty from the first impression. We can help with everything from making sure your website shows up on the first page of online search, to email drip campaigns to keep them interested, to creating the best sales experience that encourages lots of praise and referrals.
  • Online reputation management
  • Paid advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Content marketing (white papers, e-books, etc)
  • Email marketing
  • website user experience (lead forms, landing pages, etc)
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) integration

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